NO FEE Mortgages for all UNION Members!

Members Mortgage Corp. was created in 1999, specifically to provide an honest and affordable Mortgage Loan Program to NYC’s Police and Firefighter Union Members and their families as a way of giving back to those who give so much of themselves. It was received enthusiastically by the union memberships and proved to be an immediate success. We were literally closing thousands of loans a year and the savings for the union members was staggering! The popularity and integrity of the program was recognized by many and soon other unions were requesting the ability to provide the program to their memberships. Since then we have grown to over 150 unions participating in our program… and the program continues to Grow and Grow!!!

We have never wavered from our original mission of providing union members and their families a Honest Mortgage Program that has significant savings to them. To date, we feel quite proud of the fact that we have saved over $50 million in mortgage and related cost for union members and their families. A truly remarkable feat!!

Over 20


Over 25 ,000


Over 50 million


Meet Our Team


Kerry Fleming

Marketing Director
NYS/FL Banking Depts.,
Lic. 130175
  • Email:Kerry@MembersMortgageCorp.com

Ann Fleming

President, Reg. Mortgage Broker
NYS/FL Banking Depts.,
Lic. 130175, Mlo# 133004
  • Email:Ann@MembersMortgageCorp.com

Joe Granieri

V.P., Reg. Mortgage Broker
NYS/FL Banking Depts.,
Lic. 130175, Mlo# 133006
  • Email:Joe@MembersMortgageCorp.com

Melissa Capie

Office Manager
NYS/FL Banking Depts.,
Lic. 130175
  • Email:Melissa@MembersMortgageCorp.com

Putting Customers First

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and creating satisfied customers. We work hard to satisfy the mortgage needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Lower Mortgage Costs Through Cutting-edge Mortgage Origination Technology

Our customers save money and close their loans quickly because we employ the most advanced mortgage technology available. In a rush? We welcome you to try our mortgage calculators! The Internet, advanced mortgage processing software, and automated mortgage underwriting systems are coordinated to speed the mortgage process and deliver the best rate and terms.

Highest Quality Mortgage Services

From mortgage processing and underwriting, to loan closing and funding, our expert mortgage staff will efficiently expedite your entire transaction. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We’re committed to building rewarding, long-term customer relationships. With that in mind, you’ll receive the highest quality mortgage services.

Meeting Every Challenge

We rapidly respond to new opportunities made available in today’s dynamic mortgage markets. As a result, the requirements of our mortgage customers are consistently met through mortgage underwriting flexibility and delivery of unique mortgage programs. We often identify niche mortgage programs that are essential to satisfying individual mortgage customer needs.

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